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done for you Branded podcast content

In today’s world, effective communication is key, but challenging amongst the noise. Successful companies make strategic use of the myriad of tools across the range of media to showcase their company, products, ambassadors, and positioning on a range of contemporary and relevant issues. We are experts in the efficient and focused use of these tools and are here to help you, either to simply get started or to optimize communication for your brand.

But if we can create a show with someone like entrepreneur and author Seth Godin about what it means to be successful and being the most productive person around, that’s going to appeal to exactly the kind of people that ZipRecruiter wants to reach.
  • Lex Friedman, CRO of Midroll
“Brands know that [branded podcasts] are an effective way to reach an audience that otherwise is hard to reach in an engaging way with a longer story that can only unfold over time.”
  • Matt Lieber, Cofounder and President of Gimlet Media


We offer a complete “done for you service”, which includes a full palette of podcast opportunities including: 

Creating & Launching your Podcast

Design, Production, Publication, and Promotion of Branded Podcast Content.

what we do

Work with your team and create, produce, and publish content around your sales, marketing and product initiatives.

what you do

Work with my team to provide input, details, and assets necessary to produce your content.

Assist with scheduling human assets as necessary (athletes, executives, staff, etc)  Provide digital and human assets and assist in show production,

Provide assets and assist in show promotion on socials, website, blogs, events.

content topic ideas

We create and produce podcast content in format(s) of your choosing. Long or short-form interviews; presentations around new products or launch of new initiatives; content that tracks the progress of a project like a product launch or event, and educational format around product usage, and “how to” tips.

Rick is highly knowledgeable in the growing podcasting space. Our interest in podcasting has in part, been spurred by Rick’s Outdoor Biz Podcast and the excellent content he’s able to produce on a regular basis.

Working with Rick has allowed us to layout a comprehensive roadmap from idea to finished product. His podcasting course is straight forward, providing comprehensive step by step instructions that detail everything from the ideation process to the publishing process.

We’re looking forward to creating some great content with the knowledge and support Rick has provided through his podcasting course!

  • Cory Van Auken, Darby Communications

Branded Podcast Content deliverables

Podcast Production
– produce & publish episodes (4 episode minimum)
Print, Blog, Website Article promo Production
– produce/publish articles (4 article minimum)
Audio/Video snippet promo Production
– produce/publish FB, TWT, LI, IGTV snippets for each episode (4 episode minimum)
Virtual Events
– Work with your team to create ideas that fit your brand ethos

launch your podcast deliverables

We work with you and Create, Produce, and Publish your Podcast (first 4 episodes) and provide you with a process you can follow to consistently deliver a Podcast for your brand.

We Work with your team to create, produce, and publish the first 4 episodes of your brand podcast:

          • Identify your podcast style and determine your ideal listener.


          • Build your show format and episode Flow.


          • Create your podcast brand.


          • Choose your equipment and learn simple recording techniques.


          • Build Episodes, Organize and Prep your files, Upload to your website, your media host, and publish your show to the world.

Reach  your followers 24/7 . . . whether they’re on a bike, hike, climb, paddle or taking a nap! Pretty sure you can’t do that with your YouTube Channel, Blog Post, or Email Newsletter. Call us today and get a FREE Promo Trailer with your first 4 episodes.

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