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Podcast Coaching

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I’m not interested in or open to your feedback.

Brene Brown, author Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations

why work with Rick

Rick Saez, Podcaster, Author and, Adventurer, is the host and producer of the weekly Outdoor Biz Podcast. Where you hear genuine conversations with Outdoor Industry Insiders. His passion for podcasting drives his enthusiasm to stay current with the latest techniques, formats and technology that deliver podcast success. Rick will share his podcasting techniques and experience and guide you through the process to ensure you come away with the skills, workflow, and tools you need to publish your podcast and inspire more people, engage with new and existing customers.

our signature coaching program

The “Design Your Podcast” Coaching Program and Course includes Course Workbook, Production Workflow, Publishing Workflow, Episode Structure Template, Show Notes Template, Gear list, Promotion Strategy, Weekly calls plus follow up calls after your podcast is launched.

What you get

– Clear, simple to understand training to produce and publish your podcast
– How to build your format, what to put in your Intros and Outros, and Show Notes.
– The necessary elements to make a clean, easily recognizable podcast brand and help your show be seen and get found.
– The best microphone, accessories, recording tools, and editing software for your needs.
– Steps to follow for recording and producing your show.
– How to prep the content for publishing your show
– The necessary recording, editing, and production workflow and templates to deliver consistency and quality to your listeners.
 – All the steps required to publish your show to all the podcast aggregators . . . Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Alexa, etc.
 – Promotion and marketing strategy for your show including why NOT to focus too much time on social media.
Module 1 
Identify your podcast style and your ideal listener so you deliver the most value possible and make the biggest impact in the simplest way possible.
Module 2 
The next piece is to actually create a concise show format and episode “Flow”. Making your podcast irresistible so your followers say YES, I WANT TO LISTEN TO THAT!!
Module 3 
Next up is to create your podcast brand and choose your equipment as you develop your signature style and sound (so you deliver consistent value for your listeners and are walking your talk).
Module 4 
Then In Module 4, you’ll learn simple recording techniques, so you can rest assured you’re delivering great sound and content to your ideal listeners.
Module 5 
Finally, Module 5 includes prepping and organizing your files and publishing your show to the directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, etc, and promoting your show so you turn a one-time listener into a repeat customer and letting the world know You’re Here!